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Police Pepper Spray For Self Defense

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•Very easy to carry
•Highly effective
•Powerful pepper formula that causes severe irritation as well as:
-burn effect in the eyes. The attacker will close his eyes and will be immobilized.
-Excessive tearing.
-Exertion breathing.
-Extreme coughing.
-Runny nose.


Product Composition:

Pepper spray is the most safe and effective self defense product. It’s main ingredient is high strength cap saicin (OC), non toxic, harmless to the human body large capacity. The seal of the product is good, not like other substandard spray appears volatile situation.


  1. With self-locked cover
  2. Effective within 3~5 meters.
  3. disguising, light weight, easy take around, easy to put in pocket, handbag;
  4. validation period: 5 years
  5. don’t use against the wind;
  6. keep away from the fire
  7. keep out of the reach of children
  8. instruction: in a emergency, take it out and aim at the attacker’s face, push button lightly to spray to attacker, pepper could make attacker blind, strong cough, afflictive to impermanency disable; completely resume in 30 minutes and could not cause any hurt;
  9. strictly forbidden to joke around people, only used in danger, of got on face, please rinse with plenty of water.
Pepper Spray For Self Defense

110ml, 60ml

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