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Inflatable fruit pool 122×25 cm with ring and ball


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inflatable fruit pool, 122×25 cm, with circle and ballEach object can be used separately, for example, to take a circle and a ball on any water, as well as together, installing the pool in the fresh air.

With such a set, the child will be able to freshen up in the summer heat, diversify leisure, as well as the fear of water.

Pleasant design with a scattering of stars and an unusual design are sure to please the baby.

Soft bortics guarantee the safety of the child-it will not hurt and will not hit.

The set is compact-in the folded state it will not take up much space.

Characteristics of:

Inflatable ball diameter: 51 cm

Inflatable circle diameter: 51 cm

Wall material thickness: 0,20mm

Floor material thickness: 0,18mm

Water filling capacity: 150 L.

Designed for children from 2 years.

Item. …. 533041

Diameter cm. …. 122

Kind of Basin. …. Inflatable

Height, CM. …. 25

Age. …. From 2 years old

Material. …. PVC

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