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FRZN BOX e-liquid 60ml 3mg

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In the hot summer, to a mouthful, refreshing! Ice cold, very comfortable, cold feeling is not particularly blunt, very comfortable increase, when exhalation is also cold feeling in the nasal cavity. mint cool and frozen fruit create a taste experience you’ve never experienced before!


FRZN Mango by BLVK Unicorn has the flavor profile of a sweet and juicy mango that has been frozen over giving it a chilling menthol effect.

The inhale will bring forth a strong mango sensation that will have you drooling and also includes a subtle menthol undertone. For the exhale it is completely opposite. The menthol sensation is the primary purpose while the mango is a sweet undertone that counteracts with the menthol perfectly.

All while this is occurring the throat hit is nowhere to be found. The menthol in this vape juice flavor allows for a refreshing and soft throat hit.


FRZN Berry by BLVK Unicorn is an amazing concoction that will provide you with a sweet and delicious taste of ripe strawberries, with a cool splash of menthol that will send your tastebuds down a frozen river of strawberry. This frozen mixture is impeccable and one of the best berry menthol e-liquid flavors to date.

During the inhale of this incredible vape juice, you are hit with that initial cloud of juicy strawberry flavor that will fill your chest.

While exhaling you will be met with a wave of minty menthol that is the perfect complement to the strawberry inhale. The two of these flavors come together like two pieces of a puzzle.


FRZN Apple by BLVK Unicorn is a simple, yet very delicious, apple menthol vape flavor that provides a never-fading flavor experience that has gained notoriety over the years.

The inhale on this vape is a cool, icy, refreshing wave followed by the exhale which is a sweet, and smooth, green apple cloud. From beginning to end, your taste buds are filled with intense flavor notions that will have your taste palate tingling and your mouth drooling.

BLVK Unicorn has always been good at replicating flavor profiles to taste like the actual thing and FRZN Apple is a prime example of their expertise.

The throat hit is mild and subdued by the cool flavor of this vape. Most menthol based e liquids have a very refreshing throat hit experience and this is the story with FRZN Apple. If you have been vaping for a while, we are sure you are familiar with the quality of products that BLVK Unicorn produces. They are one of the industry’s top sellers, and it is due to their commitment to excellence and preparation involved in creating quality vape liquids.

Frznbox e-liquid 60ml

Frznmint, frznmango, frznberry, frznapple

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